Chop Suey: A Darby Stansfield Thriller - Ty Hutchinson Darby Stansfield is a struggling salesman for Teleco. His boss has it out for him and is on his back when it looks like Darby might actually receive high-hitter status within the company. With good reason – Darby seeks out Triad gang members in Hong Kong, using information from the chef at his favourite chinese restaurant – Mr Fu. Along with ties to the Wo Shing Wo, Mr Fu also has a dark side to him. Not so coincidentally, a serial murderer is on the loose in San Francisco.Darby becomes successful with his plan to tap into the underground market with his wireless communication solutions, much to the dismay of his boss, and strikes up a romance with Leslie Choi – an Inspector who specialises in gangs and witnessed the murder of her father – the work of the enforcer of the Wo Shing Wo.This was an enjoyable read, funny at times but pretty predictable for a ‘thriller’. Some of the dialogue was a little robotic and fell into the trap of ‘telling’ versus ‘showing’. I felt like some parts were skimmed over and could have gone into a little more depth and some chapters could have been cut out completely. Also, there were noticeable spelling and grammatical errors which my pedantic self couldn’t help but grumble over. I would be willing to read the next instalment as I’m curious to as to how much more trouble Darby could get himself into.I also reviewed this on my youtube channel: