The Time Baroness: Book One of the Time Mistress Series - Georgina Young-Ellis First of all, I usually enjoy anything to do with time travelling. On the other hand, I tend to cringe when I see yet another novel has been written about Jane Austen and Mr Darcy. I just wish authors would let her work be. Surprisingly, the combination of time travel and Austen fetishism in this novel kinda worked. Yeah, it's not a perfect piece of literature but it was an enjoyable read nonetheless. I just wish the main character Cassandra had a better motive for wanting to travel to Austen's time (or 3 years after her death, rather) and place. The premise that she was there as a scientist, conducting an experiment got a little unbelievable. Especially since there was a lot of research and money involved but no exact hypothesis/direction. It was just a mere observation task, really, but I guess that's just my science student brain looking too far into a work of fiction.I would recommend this book to fans of Jane Austen and historical fiction.